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Alfa Chilena S.A.

Our company has 60 years of experience supplying the Food Industry and leading the market in Chile. We are constantly looking for ways to provide the highest technical quality to our customers, by working under the HACCP and ISO 9001:22000.

Our infrastructure consists of more than 34.000mt2 (10.300 feet) distributed in offices and production areas with 3 plants in Santiago-Chile and 1 plant in Cordoba-Argentina.  Each plant is equipped with high technology equipment and bromatology, bacteriology and R&D laboratories as well as a modern show room. Moreover we have offices in different cities and countries.  A modern fleet of trucks and vehicles for a fast and efficient delivery of our products is also available.

Alfa Chilena S.A. has more than 200 employees distributed throughout different areas including a select team of engineers and highly qualified technicians in food science.

Six Decades of World-Class Innovation